I. e. that

I. e. that Chapter VICIOUS CONCEPTION it is sometimes not so simple as it seems To the sea!

As you already understood, we with the husband approached the most important question of conception in the most responsible way.

Therefore absolutely no wonder that to complete the picture I wanted to find out when in my organism burdened by the diagnosis dysfunction of ovaries there comes the ovulation.



that period when fertilization is most probable.

Well, to plan the schedule know that We do not look for easy ways!

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Therefore At the heart of her life the simplest were put and therefore the eternal principles of the human relations: mutual assistance, ability to share, collective education of children.

Each community demanded from the person of responsible behavior, participation in the management, readiness to work for the public good.

Therefore we conditionally called the Complete World created for development of our children in Kitezh the COMMUNITY.

Yes, and how still to transfer in the standard language our aspiration together to build the life, to solve problems, to agree?

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When carrying

When carrying When carrying out occupations the teacher can use various modern tutorials: a magnetic and marker board which will allow to move quickly enough in space of a picture of each series and graphically to represent markers of different flowers points of the plan of the story; the tape recorder and a set of cartridges with records of various melodies and sounds speech and nonverbal, a series socalled Theater of sounds.

Specifics of training of children in telling consist in education of abilities not only consistently and logically to answer questions, but also to tell expressively.

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As birds

As birds In the spring in park.

In the spring on building.

Birds and children.

Skvoria arrived!

Nesting box.

Lodges for feathery friends.

As birds sang.

Starlings and cat.

, Etc.


Summing up occupation The logopedist asks children various questions: Than were engaged?

That was learned?

What was pleasant in pictures?

Who was remembered?

, Etc.


Subject: Drawing up offers on a series of subject pictures Starlings flied!

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In recent

In recent As a result the spastichnost of a muscle decreases.

To get access to a spinal cord, the surgeon deletes small slices of vertebras.

The selective back rizotomiya is used long ago, first data on its efficiency dispersed.

In recent years interest in it increased in many clinics of the world, and results of its application for the children who are picked up as a result of careful inspection were good.

I will emphasize that this operation is shown to not all children with a cerebral palsy and to define its potential efficiency for each child, the extremely careful inspection is necessary.

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