Truly? Obviously, teenagers

Truly? Obviously, teenagers Time we do not consider oral sex as sex, then it cannot be dangerous.


Obviously, teenagers need separate conversations about it that we realized that danger of oral sex differs from what we associate with the real sex.

Intimidation will long not work Parents very much try to save children from incorrect decisions, unfortunately, it is very exigeant with teenagers.

As learned to achieve the objectives, parents resort to intimidation tactics.

The most important that tactics of intimidation works, but only very short time.

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Anybody pressed

Anybody pressed The childrens home became then my house.

And the foster home still is not present.

As well as in Denmark, I wanted to remain in Kitezh.

You in a community had absolutely other atmosphere.

Anybody pressed nobody, teachers were cheerful and helped to study.

And English was pleasant to me also mathematics, but I all the same rested.

You understand, I had no skill of communication.

I never found supports in parents.

I, too earlier practically, had no friends.

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Here from

Here from PART REFLECTIONS ABOUT IDEAL SCHOOL The paradox in the spirit of new Russians is most expensive on light are of the high human relations which for money you will not buy!

Lodges can be constructed, to invite professors, computers.

Here from abroad you will not deliver only the sincere relations.

They are created by people.

But the people working for money not always can and want to create the Wednesday impregnated with love and warmheartedness, just as the psychoanalyst does not try to replace with himself a family.

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But to learn

But to learn In thoughts Yulya dreamed of twins about the boy and the girl.

But to learn it, it was necessary to wait.

Long to wait for the middle of pregnancy.

And on July , Yulya has weeks, and she goes to ultrasonography.

The aunt the doctor looks in the monitor, and Yulya still remembers her words: Here, it at us the boy Heart of future mummy was ready to jump out of a breast waiting for a sex of the second kid.


And it It at us the girl!

Boy and girl!

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The therapist

The therapist A method essence joint playing music.

The therapist uses sounds which are made by the child, his rhythms, and also sounds which it elicits by means of tools, and on this basis makes the interaction and the relations with the kid.

The musical therapist always the great musician therefore it uses all sounds of the child as music elements.

He answers the kid with the sung melody or plays in response to a musical instrument for example, a piano, a clarinet or a violin, or strums a melody on simple toy tools.

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