Understanding This situation reminds nothing to you?

And reminds me the same of Vikina childbirth.

Understanding that with medical staff of maternity hospitals you will not cook some porridge as Serzas alternative suggest to consider more preferable option house childbirth with the professional midwife as the assistant.

To give birth to the child in an own bed, in the house, in an environment of the loving people, without nippers, hospital sheets, an epiziotomiya, without loud talk it I wish to each woman, writes Mart Serz.

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To make offers

To make offers Who else chews a grass?

Who that does a grant , fig.

To make active in the speech of the child of the word: It butts, scratched, sniffs, purrs, mews, grunts, neighs, bleats, lows.

To make offers with them.

Questions: At whom a horn?

Who butts?

At whom on pads clawstsarapki?

Who is scratched?

How the cow lows?

What does it do?

, etc.

What benefit is brought by pets To specify knowledge of the child of what benefit bring pets to the person.

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I do not want

I do not want As it is terrible, but it is the fact.

Most often such drug is taken in school vicinities, but even the one who will be engaged in it at school, will be evident not really strongly.

I do not want that you thought that I accuse you, but that teenagers continue to take such drug, in certain cases is unintentionally encouraged with you, and whom another.

All my years in high school I was, say, more, than simply good schoolgirl.

Mo load of the first year strongly affected me, and I started handing over positions.

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Therefore, we consider

Therefore, we consider Certainly, this complex work not in power to separately taken family is necessary coordination of efforts of a family, teachers, specialists doctors and simply all people around.

Therefore, we consider as the best way of a solution of the problem of the device, education and development of orphan children therapeutic community, which model we and we create in Kitezh.

THE ADOPTED CHILD AND AS TO UNDERSTAND HIM One of the main opening which waits for you in communication with the adopted child, consists that he does not seek to feel gratitude to you for everything at all that you for it made.

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And here, new absolutely

And here, new absolutely To Shurik it was told that it is time most to become strong.

He wanted it, was only afraid to show the desire already for fear that will not turn out and it is necessary to be disappointed in himself.

And here, new absolutely not dangerous, but obviously strong adults, spoke about common cause, consulted, asked for help.

He felt that on him do not press, and lay hopes.

Yes so it also was we have each person on the account.

Ambition in it was though take away and therefore, it was possible, relying on his desire to be noticed, to put it in the circumstances demanding manifestation of its best qualities.

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