If it is impossible

If it is impossible I cannot tell that I was torn to be with seniors.

But I should have been with someone.

If it is impossible with contemporaries, there was one way to seniors.

With seniors too it was difficult for you.

On what took offense?

I do not even remember.

At home there was Egor, he pinned up me all the time.

And I got used in childrens home that there all are called, I could not understand, how seriously Egor attacks me.

Now, for example, if I such hear, I understand that it is a joke, and then it was very serious.

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Balance preservation

Balance preservation The child with the changing muscular tone and the involuntary movements With the changing tone and the involuntary movements it is difficult for children to hold position of a body in space and to stabilize a pose therefore it is difficult for them to keep vertical situation.

Balance preservation reactions wrong, and the child cannot transfer body weight on the one hand to another or forward.

If to put it on feet, it either will completely be unbent and will be filled up back, or will be bent and will fall forward.

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Also it was ready

Also it was ready Four more weeks fell houses will fail.

But it was already absolutely other fulling!

Books of the World Bestseller series were thrown, series are forgotten.

And I with ecstasy thumbed through magazines with plans of country houses looked for the project suitable for us.

We began building of a century!

I was excited, keen, inspired.

I felt taste to life again.

Also it was ready to pull up trees.

Already then I understood that in this life happens nothing casual.

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Put it from

Put it from Controlling functions of a mouth, you improve sosatelny and glotatelny reflexes, and also teach the kid is from a spoon and to drink from a cup.

If the child cannot control a mouth muscle, you should operate them.

For this purpose use two fingers index and average.

Most important a middle finger.

Put it from below under a chin and with constant effort pressure him so you will not allow language to be pushed forward and will help the child to swallow correctly.

On rice , it is shown how to control a mouth if the kid sits before you, and on rice , and if he sits to the right of you the operating hand embraces the childs head.

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