My generation

My generation Also it will be so eternal!

Years later, having already become not once mother, you will try to bring to reason the useless daughter and to urge it not to repeat your mistakes, and that will wave away from these councils and to consider you as the bore, nothing understanding life.

In general, looking back around, I come to unfavourable conclusions.

My generation that whom now about thirty or slightly more through SICK.


I already am silent about present teenagers to whom else their todays daily drive based on permissiveness, cynicism and denial of fundamental values will halloo.

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Olya took

Olya took Olya who is usually ready to devour anything if only to appease pain, this time of that that was frightened.

And did not begin to drink a tablet.

Decided to suffer till tomorrow.

Here to Oleg calling from work to consult about a condition of the wife, the unexpected thought came to mind: Olya, make the test for pregnancy, and suddenly?

And at that just a habitual delay.

Olya took offense at the husband.

Well why you injure me?


But all the same trudged in a toilet to do the test.

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The program

The program On the basis of this inspection the general program of support of the child covering all specified areas is formed.

The program will inevitably change as requirements and priorities of the child and a family begin to change.

But I want to emphasize once again that the program of support is always formed with participation of parents.

Experts bring basic ideas of development of children, professional understanding of problems of your child and the knowledge of methods of the help to such children in the program, and you in return have unique knowledge of your kid, understanding of requirements and opportunities of other family members; besides, you have own purposes and priorities.

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Parents The second parents receive full information on each toy, learn, what game situations can be created with their help, exchange impressions and knowledge with other parents and library workers.

Parents can enter National association of libraries of toys and leisure National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries, NATLL.

Her members receive by mail various editions, including the quarterly magazine of Questions of Games association Play Matters, articles, information, reference and auxiliary materials.

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Physical Up to selfdestruction to cut to itself cheeks or hands the razor.

Girlfriends somehow told with delight and horror, so it is a way to lift the status.

And thus smiled to mother: At me everything is normal.

When the bad attack of discontent with does not find a way out the razor becomes the simplest decision.

Simpler, than request for the help.

Physical pain frightens less, than need to bare soul before adults.

Only to think, how many troubles manage to be avoided behind a hearttoheart talk in warm domestic surroundings, parents of the child if only he is not ashamed to tell can save from what nonsenses.

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And if you want

And if you want Never thought that I will hear such.

I was glad, of course, that she told me the truth, but for me it appeared too.

James, years, Stanton, Ohio.

Some teenagers said to me that the truth sometimes appears more painful, than those stories about stains which they to themselves invent.

And if you want to dull pain, to tell all truth which your child demands, is not always the best decision.

The truth it is always good, but it is important to choose time to achieve success, but not defeat.

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