Each child

Each child The horse and all equipment choose according to needs of the specific child.

It is very important to know that the wrong choice of a horse and a saddle leads to complications, for example to an excessive muscle strain or increase of a muscular tone.

Each child is engaged individually, the diplomaed instructor of riding has to give classes, besides, the kid is helped by the physical therapist or the specialist in work therapy ergoterapevt.

Position of the child on a horse can be a miscellaneous, for example: lying on a back of a horse the child relaxes hands and feet and trains control of position of the head and trunk; sitting on a horse back to front the child leans palms on a croup of a horse and trains to transfer body weight; lying on a back on grain of a horse the child develops the movements in a backbone and in a humeral belt.

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Of course, sometimes

Of course, sometimes Much more benefit to it will be brought by the help in development of the movements necessary for reproduction of sounds.

Considering the clearness, smoothness and speed of movements at an articulation, it is clear that this difficult task.

Of course, sometimes it is possible to resolve it only with the help of the logopedist.

Sometimes difficulties in development of the speech are connected with the wrong breath.

It is impossible to eliminate them by means of respiratory gymnastics it will only provoke still bigger increase of a muscular tone.

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Without internal

Without internal The clown breaks severe gloom of the king, heretics solidity of religion, Columbus confidence that overseas anything is not present.

Without internal aspiration to break borders there would be neither science, nor art, in general any commitment to excellence.

That is why the Founder of the human being atheists can substitute the term nature which explains at all no more instead of this word the most important emotion put at the level of an unconditioned reflex chose emotion of a protest, aspiration to nonobedience, a certain initial dissatisfaction by that is.

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Here Zhenka

Here Zhenka And if to systematize seen by me, the picture will turn out following.

Life divides women into three unequal categories: at whom pregnancy proceeds more or less safely, those to whom it is given very hard from the physical point of view what the corresponding experiences join, and at whom this period is interfaced to big moral problems.

Here Zhenka and Olga.

They were lucky to get to the first category.

All the pregnancy they worked.

And Evgenia who courageously decided to become single mother even did not spend any day on the sicklist.

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The offered

The offered If during a lesson the corresponding situation was created, suggest children to calm the consciousness and for some minutes to go deep into own inner world to find in itself this thread of love binding all of us, the world and perfection.

The offered installation I look for perfection in other people Do not judge This lesson can be divided into two stages.

Materials For the first stage Prepare for each child a small fragment of the picture from the magazine, a calendar or the board.

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To teach

To teach In the same way subjects familiar to children can be used as symbols for an explanation of difficult truth.

To teach these lessons, it is not obligatory for you to know answers to all questions.

Simply arrange to children representation and tease them imagination concepts from this book.

And let the Internal Teacher who is present at soul of each child will clear to it these concepts in the best way.

Working on this book, I tried that she resembled religious manual as little as possible.

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