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There was no wish

Yes after such records I should be enough in an armful and with we howl sirens to carry to hospital.But also here everything was thought over.At the end of diagnosis there was a sacramental phrase hospitalization refuses which removed all questions.There was no wish to go on KEK terribly, but where to disappear?Having erased lipstick from lips and having made a suffering face, I trudged in policlinic to the chief physician.That severely asked why I, such thoughtless and irresponsible, refuse hospitalization, heard the muffled answer about «дом and walls help and favourably my sicklist prolonged.

Trying to drink, the baby

But the child with a cerebral palsy will not be able to press a lip to edge of a glass or cup, its language will get between edge of a glass and the lower or upper lip.You could notice the same when he ate from a small bottle.Trying to drink, the baby with a cerebral palsy still unsuccessfully opens and closes a mouth, pushes language forward.That is there are same difficulties which we described, speaking about chewing.And, as before, the child throws back the head, liquid flows down in a mouth, the child chokes, coughs, swallows of air.

Mother of the fouryearold

About what this book?If it is honest, I still up to the end did not understand that I am a mother.Mother of the fouryearold girl Dasha and oneandahalfyearold boy Grisha.And I the person, most important for them, on the earth.They madly love me and where that there, in subconsciousness depths, in panic are afraid to lose.And I them.And we do not think of ourselves the friend without friend The world shared on BEFORE AND AFTER their birth.Everything that was TO, it was unimportant.

Lesson course

Attach an adhesive tape a paper strip with an inscription Experience to one of the parties of the first box.Attach a strip with the word Misfortune to one of the parties of the second box, and a strip with the word Happiness to the opposite side.Attach a strip with the words Our Thoughts to the third box.Arrange boxes as it is shown in drawing.Lesson course At the beginning of a lesson suggest children to remember those unfortunate thoughts which visited them recently.It could be feelings of anger, grief, jealousy or indignation.

Such vital

Training begins not at fiveyear age and not at school, and with the birth there is an opinion, as to it.Children learn the most important things from mother, there is it naturally and often unconsciously.Such vital skill as ability to allocate from all world around one, the most significant, a subject, the kid gets, watching speaking face when mother bends to it and to it talks.He also learns to be attentive, to think, foresee, and then to express itselfhimself, to work and investigate.

I. e. that


At the heart of her life the simplest were put and therefore the eternal principles of the human relations: mutual assistance, ability to share, collective education of children.Each community demanded from the person of responsible behavior, participation in the management, readiness to work for the public good.Therefore we conditionally called the Complete World created for development of our children in Kitezh the COMMUNITY.Yes, and how still to transfer in the standard language our aspiration together to build the life, to solve problems, to agree?

When carrying

When carrying out occupations the teacher can use various modern tutorials: a magnetic and marker board which will allow to move quickly enough in space of a picture of each series and graphically to represent markers of different flowers points of the plan of the story; the tape recorder and a set of cartridges with records of various melodies and sounds speech and nonverbal, a series socalled Theater of sounds.Specifics of training of children in telling consist in education of abilities not only consistently and logically to answer questions, but also to tell expressively.

As birds

In the spring in park.In the spring on building.Birds and children.Skvoria arrived!Nesting box.Lodges for feathery friends.As birds sang.Starlings and cat., Etc.III.Summing up occupation The logopedist asks children various questions: Than were engaged?That was learned?What was pleasant in pictures?Who was remembered?, Etc.OCCUPATION No.Subject: Drawing up offers on a series of subject pictures Starlings flied!

In recent

As a result the spastichnost of a muscle decreases.To get access to a spinal cord, the surgeon deletes small slices of vertebras.The selective back rizotomiya is used long ago, first data on its efficiency dispersed.In recent years interest in it increased in many clinics of the world, and results of its application for the children who are picked up as a result of careful inspection were good.I will emphasize that this operation is shown to not all children with a cerebral palsy and to define its potential efficiency for each child, the extremely careful inspection is necessary.

Truly? Obviously, teenagers

Time we do not consider oral sex as sex, then it cannot be dangerous.Truly?Obviously, teenagers need separate conversations about it that we realized that danger of oral sex differs from what we associate with the real sex.Intimidation will long not work Parents very much try to save children from incorrect decisions, unfortunately, it is very exigeant with teenagers.As learned to achieve the objectives, parents resort to intimidation tactics.The most important that tactics of intimidation works, but only very short time.

Anybody pressed

The childrens home became then my house.And the foster home still is not present.As well as in Denmark, I wanted to remain in Kitezh.You in a community had absolutely other atmosphere.Anybody pressed nobody, teachers were cheerful and helped to study.And English was pleasant to me also mathematics, but I all the same rested.You understand, I had no skill of communication.I never found supports in parents.I, too earlier practically, had no friends.

Here from

PART REFLECTIONS ABOUT IDEAL SCHOOL The paradox in the spirit of new Russians is most expensive on light are of the high human relations which for money you will not buy!Lodges can be constructed, to invite professors, computers.Here from abroad you will not deliver only the sincere relations.They are created by people.But the people working for money not always can and want to create the Wednesday impregnated with love and warmheartedness, just as the psychoanalyst does not try to replace with himself a family.

But to learn

In thoughts Yulya dreamed of twins about the boy and the girl.But to learn it, it was necessary to wait.Long to wait for the middle of pregnancy.And on July , Yulya has weeks, and she goes to ultrasonography.The aunt the doctor looks in the monitor, and Yulya still remembers her words: Here, it at us the boy Heart of future mummy was ready to jump out of a breast waiting for a sex of the second kid.Well?And it It at us the girl!Boy and girl!

The therapist

A method essence joint playing music.The therapist uses sounds which are made by the child, his rhythms, and also sounds which it elicits by means of tools, and on this basis makes the interaction and the relations with the kid.The musical therapist always the great musician therefore it uses all sounds of the child as music elements.He answers the kid with the sung melody or plays in response to a musical instrument for example, a piano, a clarinet or a violin, or strums a melody on simple toy tools.

As soon

If parents need additional support, in Great Britain they can address to society SCOPE earlier known as Spastic Society or MENCAP too local offices of these societies help to find necessary services and experts in Great Britain.As soon as the first pain a little ceases, the family has to estimate sensibly the situation in the best way to help the newborn baby.Perhaps, the most important for a family strong relationship between parents, their support and the help each other.

By the way, the same

And it, as you can imagine, is the reason of the most different problems.By the way, the same guy told me that the woman cannot become pregnant if a blood alcohol level of the man exceeds degree of , per milles because it is a lethal dose for sperm!As you will see further, we live absolutely in other time where children quickly mature, but also get to trouble quicker.And we need parents more, than ever.It only seems that it is even more difficult to you to reach us.So, what I found out?

In Kitezh

In Kitezh give love to those who once it was deprived, with understanding treat defiant behavior of children who were compelled to accept it under pressure of the street, work with this behavior and correct it.If for some it sounds simply, accept my apologies, but it everything really takes place in Kitezh behind very small exceptions.That process of strengthening vital forces which I already mentioned, becomes the main instrument of its restoration as he learns to operate itself this process of own recovery and development for the child.

My generation

Also it will be so eternal!Years later, having already become not once mother, you will try to bring to reason the useless daughter and to urge it not to repeat your mistakes, and that will wave away from these councils and to consider you as the bore, nothing understanding life.In general, looking back around, I come to unfavourable conclusions.My generation that whom now about thirty or slightly more through SICK.Physically.I already am silent about present teenagers to whom else their todays daily drive based on permissiveness, cynicism and denial of fundamental values will halloo.

Olya took

Olya who is usually ready to devour anything if only to appease pain, this time of that that was frightened.And did not begin to drink a tablet.Decided to suffer till tomorrow.Here to Oleg calling from work to consult about a condition of the wife, the unexpected thought came to mind: Olya, make the test for pregnancy, and suddenly?And at that just a habitual delay.Olya took offense at the husband.Well why you injure me?.But all the same trudged in a toilet to do the test.

The program

On the basis of this inspection the general program of support of the child covering all specified areas is formed.The program will inevitably change as requirements and priorities of the child and a family begin to change.But I want to emphasize once again that the program of support is always formed with participation of parents.Experts bring basic ideas of development of children, professional understanding of problems of your child and the knowledge of methods of the help to such children in the program, and you in return have unique knowledge of your kid, understanding of requirements and opportunities of other family members; besides, you have own purposes and priorities.


The second parents receive full information on each toy, learn, what game situations can be created with their help, exchange impressions and knowledge with other parents and library workers.Parents can enter National association of libraries of toys and leisure National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries, NATLL.Her members receive by mail various editions, including the quarterly magazine of Questions of Games association Play Matters, articles, information, reference and auxiliary materials.


Up to selfdestruction to cut to itself cheeks or hands the razor.Girlfriends somehow told with delight and horror, so it is a way to lift the status.And thus smiled to mother: At me everything is normal.When the bad attack of discontent with does not find a way out the razor becomes the simplest decision.Simpler, than request for the help.Physical pain frightens less, than need to bare soul before adults.Only to think, how many troubles manage to be avoided behind a hearttoheart talk in warm domestic surroundings, parents of the child if only he is not ashamed to tell can save from what nonsenses.

And if you want

Never thought that I will hear such.I was glad, of course, that she told me the truth, but for me it appeared too.James, years, Stanton, Ohio.Some teenagers said to me that the truth sometimes appears more painful, than those stories about stains which they to themselves invent.And if you want to dull pain, to tell all truth which your child demands, is not always the best decision.The truth it is always good, but it is important to choose time to achieve success, but not defeat.

Each child

The horse and all equipment choose according to needs of the specific child.It is very important to know that the wrong choice of a horse and a saddle leads to complications, for example to an excessive muscle strain or increase of a muscular tone.Each child is engaged individually, the diplomaed instructor of riding has to give classes, besides, the kid is helped by the physical therapist or the specialist in work therapy ergoterapevt.Position of the child on a horse can be a miscellaneous, for example: lying on a back of a horse the child relaxes hands and feet and trains control of position of the head and trunk; sitting on a horse back to front the child leans palms on a croup of a horse and trains to transfer body weight; lying on a back on grain of a horse the child develops the movements in a backbone and in a humeral belt.

Of course, sometimes

Much more benefit to it will be brought by the help in development of the movements necessary for reproduction of sounds.Considering the clearness, smoothness and speed of movements at an articulation, it is clear that this difficult task.Of course, sometimes it is possible to resolve it only with the help of the logopedist.Sometimes difficulties in development of the speech are connected with the wrong breath.It is impossible to eliminate them by means of respiratory gymnastics it will only provoke still bigger increase of a muscular tone.

Without internal

The clown breaks severe gloom of the king, heretics solidity of religion, Columbus confidence that overseas anything is not present.Without internal aspiration to break borders there would be neither science, nor art, in general any commitment to excellence.That is why the Founder of the human being atheists can substitute the term nature which explains at all no more instead of this word the most important emotion put at the level of an unconditioned reflex chose emotion of a protest, aspiration to nonobedience, a certain initial dissatisfaction by that is.

Here Zhenka

And if to systematize seen by me, the picture will turn out following.Life divides women into three unequal categories: at whom pregnancy proceeds more or less safely, those to whom it is given very hard from the physical point of view what the corresponding experiences join, and at whom this period is interfaced to big moral problems.Here Zhenka and Olga.They were lucky to get to the first category.All the pregnancy they worked.And Evgenia who courageously decided to become single mother even did not spend any day on the sicklist.

The offered

If during a lesson the corresponding situation was created, suggest children to calm the consciousness and for some minutes to go deep into own inner world to find in itself this thread of love binding all of us, the world and perfection.The offered installation I look for perfection in other people Do not judge This lesson can be divided into two stages.Materials For the first stage Prepare for each child a small fragment of the picture from the magazine, a calendar or the board.

To teach

In the same way subjects familiar to children can be used as symbols for an explanation of difficult truth.To teach these lessons, it is not obligatory for you to know answers to all questions.Simply arrange to children representation and tease them imagination concepts from this book.And let the Internal Teacher who is present at soul of each child will clear to it these concepts in the best way.Working on this book, I tried that she resembled religious manual as little as possible.


This situation reminds nothing to you?And reminds me the same of Vikina childbirth.Understanding that with medical staff of maternity hospitals you will not cook some porridge as Serzas alternative suggest to consider more preferable option house childbirth with the professional midwife as the assistant.To give birth to the child in an own bed, in the house, in an environment of the loving people, without nippers, hospital sheets, an epiziotomiya, without loud talk it I wish to each woman, writes Mart Serz.

To make offers

Who else chews a grass?Who that does a grant , fig.To make active in the speech of the child of the word: It butts, scratched, sniffs, purrs, mews, grunts, neighs, bleats, lows.To make offers with them.Questions: At whom a horn?Who butts?At whom on pads clawstsarapki?Who is scratched?How the cow lows?What does it do?, etc.What benefit is brought by pets To specify knowledge of the child of what benefit bring pets to the person.

I do not want

As it is terrible, but it is the fact.Most often such drug is taken in school vicinities, but even the one who will be engaged in it at school, will be evident not really strongly.I do not want that you thought that I accuse you, but that teenagers continue to take such drug, in certain cases is unintentionally encouraged with you, and whom another.All my years in high school I was, say, more, than simply good schoolgirl.Mo load of the first year strongly affected me, and I started handing over positions.

Therefore, we consider

Certainly, this complex work not in power to separately taken family is necessary coordination of efforts of a family, teachers, specialists doctors and simply all people around.Therefore, we consider as the best way of a solution of the problem of the device, education and development of orphan children therapeutic community, which model we and we create in Kitezh.THE ADOPTED CHILD AND AS TO UNDERSTAND HIM One of the main opening which waits for you in communication with the adopted child, consists that he does not seek to feel gratitude to you for everything at all that you for it made.

And here, new absolutely

To Shurik it was told that it is time most to become strong.He wanted it, was only afraid to show the desire already for fear that will not turn out and it is necessary to be disappointed in himself.And here, new absolutely not dangerous, but obviously strong adults, spoke about common cause, consulted, asked for help.He felt that on him do not press, and lay hopes.Yes so it also was we have each person on the account.Ambition in it was though take away and therefore, it was possible, relying on his desire to be noticed, to put it in the circumstances demanding manifestation of its best qualities.

If it is impossible

I cannot tell that I was torn to be with seniors.But I should have been with someone.If it is impossible with contemporaries, there was one way to seniors.With seniors too it was difficult for you.On what took offense?I do not even remember.At home there was Egor, he pinned up me all the time.And I got used in childrens home that there all are called, I could not understand, how seriously Egor attacks me.Now, for example, if I such hear, I understand that it is a joke, and then it was very serious.

Balance preservation

The child with the changing muscular tone and the involuntary movements With the changing tone and the involuntary movements it is difficult for children to hold position of a body in space and to stabilize a pose therefore it is difficult for them to keep vertical situation.Balance preservation reactions wrong, and the child cannot transfer body weight on the one hand to another or forward.If to put it on feet, it either will completely be unbent and will be filled up back, or will be bent and will fall forward.

Also it was ready

Four more weeks fell houses will fail.But it was already absolutely other fulling!Books of the World Bestseller series were thrown, series are forgotten.And I with ecstasy thumbed through magazines with plans of country houses looked for the project suitable for us.We began building of a century!I was excited, keen, inspired.I felt taste to life again.Also it was ready to pull up trees.Already then I understood that in this life happens nothing casual.

Put it from

Controlling functions of a mouth, you improve sosatelny and glotatelny reflexes, and also teach the kid is from a spoon and to drink from a cup.If the child cannot control a mouth muscle, you should operate them.For this purpose use two fingers index and average.Most important a middle finger.Put it from below under a chin and with constant effort pressure him so you will not allow language to be pushed forward and will help the child to swallow correctly.On rice , it is shown how to control a mouth if the kid sits before you, and on rice , and if he sits to the right of you the operating hand embraces the childs head.


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